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ux & cx explained

UX stands for user experience, CX stands for customer experience.

Often the user and the customer are the same, but it’s our job to consider all possibilities and design website layouts that cater perfectly to your unique audience.

Combined with intuitive design it is the backbone of strong, foundational web development.

To fast track a connection with a web visitor you’ll need to show them that your offering aligns with their identity. Following UX/CX best practices and creating a thoughtful design flow can help you strike a personal chord with users to satisfy and engage them enough to convert.

There is a real science to effective UX/CX design, which often involves user-testing with targeted focus groups. Every element on the page is considered for its purpose and effectiveness. Simplifying the web experience and making it more positive, accessible and engaging helps businesses not just sell products, but build loyalty.

why you would optimise your ux & cx

A website that connects with and seamlessly steps users from entry through its content to the checkout is a thriving one.

Whether undertaking an online refresh or starting on a new project, mapping out your website’s design interface is really the only way to guarantee a successful end product.

UX/CX is also vital for considering how your website will display on browsers and different devices with different screen sizes.

reduced development costs (measure twice, cut once)

increased customer satisfaction and conversions

enhanced form and function

what we offer

UX/CX is the foundation of a conversion-optimised website and is the difference between a Considered website and an out-of-the-box template.

We use this process for all our websites, no matter which platform we choose.

Before we design the wireframes, we do extensive research to understand your niche and audience. We think about who the website users are, what they care about, what they need to know – we want to build an emotional bond with them. Then we figure out how we get them to convert from there. This is custom to every client.

We also spend time considering how you are planning to drive traffic to the site to fully optimise the user journey from end-to-end.

Once the page layouts have been created, our designers will mock up the page designs, so the client can see what the website will look like before we build it. This is also to ensure the client is happy before we build.

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