Landing pages

landing pages explained

A landing page is a standalone page on your website that a person “lands” on after clicking through from an email, ad, your social media accounts, or from somewhere else on the web.

Once they’re on your landing page, users are encouraged to take an action, such as joining your email or launch waitlist list, entering a competition, or buying your products.

why you would use landing pages

If a landing page is optimised for an audience and is considerate of where a user has come from (eg a Google ad) and where they are going (eg checkout), then the conversion rates are much higher.

This is achieved with a combination of a considered user journey built into the layout, persuasive copy, thoughtful design and a strong call-to-action.

Often, AB or split testing, where you test different versions of the same page (maybe different coloured buttons, or layout) can mean the difference between 1-2 leads and 100.

increase conversions

engage your audience

easy to test and measure

what we offer

We build landing pages geared for conversion for you to use in marketing campaigns eg. Facebook ads. Landing pages offer a personalised extension of your ad copy and creative, creating a smoother user journey from ad to checkout and increasing conversion.

We can either build brand new landing pages, or redesign single pages on a website to enhance the user journey and optimise for conversion, e.g. product pages, your homepage, about page or services page.

The process always includes looking at the desired goals, audience and the user journey and then designing and building the page accordingly.

recent work


Kablooie Store, Brisbane-based fashion label


Kaboolie is a local Brisbane fashion label that’s all about happy, colourful fashion.
Aussie owned, designed and made brand that’s genuinely sustainable, Kablooie is a small batch, handmade fashion label for women who love quirky, colourful and fabulous pieces.

the background

With many customisation-options, Kablooie’s product pages were cluttered and difficult to follow, which resulted in unnecessary customer service tasks, as customers were missing important information. At the same time, global instructions, such as information on customisations, returns or shipping had to be added for each product.

the project

We redesigned the product page to optimise the user journey and make adding-to-cart a smooth experience while ensuring important information was visible and easy to find.
In addition, we set up global tabs, which allow Kablooie to update universal copy in one place, without having to edit each product individually.

the impact

Optimising the product page has made the overall customer journey smooth and simple, and improved the order process for staff.

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