Email marketing

email marketing explained

A recent Nielsen survey showed that 90 percent of consumers prefer to hear from brands via email over any other marketing channel – so although it’s one of the oldest communication channels, it’s not being taken over by TikTok just yet!

But rather than spamming your list weekly with eDMs (electronic direct messages) or newsletters, just because you’re told that “you should,” it’s best to take stock of what you want to say, to whom and when.

Effective email marketing consists of tailored messages based on your customers’ interests or actions sent.

why you would use email marketing

You should consider email marketing if you are looking to engage an existing audience of subscribers, or building a brand new one.

Email is the perfect medium to communicate new products, upcoming offers and discounts with your audience – and really just serves as a reminder about your business.

It can be more of a softer sell than other marketing initiatives to educate your audience about who you are and keep them engaged between purchases.

You can also automate email sends or create email sequences and campaigns that are triggered by a user’s actions for perfectly timed and highly personal emails that have higher open rates, higher click-through rates, increase website visits and improve conversion rates.

increase awareness

opportunity for personalised content

instant learnings and results

what we offer

We’ll get you all set up with best-in-class email marketing platform, Klaviyo.

We’ll build you HTML-coded, responsive email templates to use in your email newsletters, or email automations. Email workflow automation set-up is also our jam.

Let us manage popular email workflow automations such as your welcome series, or a powerful abandoned cart campaign.

We offer email marketing as a one-off, or ongoing service where we schedule regular sends for you, as well as working on improving open and click-through rates.

recent work


Kathleen Berney Fashion, Sydney-based fashion label


Kathleen Berney is a Sydney based fashion label that focuses on designing comfortable yet stylish clothes for Baby Boomers. Designed and made in Australia for over 25 years, Kathleen Berney has an established loyal audience.

the background

Kathleen Berney was sending ad hoc emails using Mailchimp and nothing was automated.

what we did

Our aim was to automate as much as possible and increase conversions. Considered Agency identified the need for a more sophisticated platform that was designed solely for eCommerce. We migrated Kathleen Berney’s database to Klaviyo, set up a welcome series and new abandoned cart series, along with a series of eCommerce automations to maximise on sales.

the impact

Kathleen Berney emails have a steady average 36% open rate and 20% click-through rate since we moved to Klaviyo. Emails are easy to send for the client, meaning less ad hoc emails and more considered messaging. Sales have increased since implementing more automations.

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