Custom solutions

custom solutions explained

Custom built websites are mainly built when you’re looking for specific modifications or functionalities that an existing framework cannot provide.

Custom websites can be built on a variety of different platforms. We’ll work with you to choose the best platform for your business needs and objectives.

why you would use custom solutions

You can usually get amazing front-end or visual results, using web platforms like Shopify or WordPress, so we would typically only recommend a custom solution when you’re after unique functionality, or complete control over every element of your website.

Of course, custom solutions are more expensive, so we always help you weigh up the pros and cons.

100% match to your business needs and objectives

complete control over visuals and functionality

a seamless user experience

what we offer

As specialists in custom design, we offer tailor-made digital solutions that meet your business and marketing objectives:

  • Custom web applications
  • Custom platforms
  • Custom API integrations
  • Headless ecommerce solutions
  • Flexible approach – whatever you’d like, we can typically deliver!

recent work

what we did

To add to Mr Chop’s product offering, we built a custom PHP web application, Mr Chop Matrix, to automate equipment maintenance for all their clients.

Mr Chop Matrix allows restaurant staff to lodge faults and maintenance requests easily from their phone without any software pre-installations. Requests go straight to the Mr Chop head office, from where equipment repairs and replacements get organised without delay.

All requests are lodged in the app and communicated via email to relevant managers and team leaders to ensure everyone stays in the loop.


Mr Chop, Sydney’s leading restaurant supplier


Mr Chop is Sydney’s leading supplier of restaurant equipment with an extensive product range in food handling, manufacturing equipment and hospitality supplies, backed up by 25 years’ experience in the food service industry.

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